Assistant Professor/Field Experience Coordinator
Title:Assistant Professor/Field Experience Coordinator


  • Have a minimum of a Masters Degree in Education
  • Hold current certification in Elementary Education (PK-5)
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of classroom teaching experience in a public school, preferably in GA

Essential Skills:

  • Exemplary written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to proactively address potential concerns
  • Exemplary organizational and planning skills

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Professor of Record for 24 hours of Field/Internship classes annually
    • Collect and maintain all data for field placements/internships (utilizing the TK20 platform)
    • Provide feedback to teacher candidates on internship experiences (including weekly reflections and other field course assignments)
    • Conduct weekly check-ins at schools that host our candidates (visit classrooms, observe candidates, trouble-shoot concerns)
  • Secure field placements for all teacher candidates (undergraduate and MAT) each semester
  • Maintain data for all internships for graduate candidates (Curriculum and Instruction and Tier I)
  • Plan and deliver orientation meetings prior to the beginning of each semester for teacher candidates, supervisors, and cooperating teachers/clinical faculty
  • Train supervisors, clinical faculty, and cooperating teachers on assessment tools
  • Analyze data and report out to all stakeholder groups
  • Prepare and lead monthly meetings for supervisors and clinical faculty members
  • Engage in post conferences for all stakeholders each semester
  • Maintain documentation for all aspects of field placements to meet the demands of program accreditation and ensure compliance with PSC rules
  • Maintain Field Handbooks for all programs (revised annually)
  • Maintain MOUs for surrounding school districts
  • Prepare and lead partnership meetings twice a year
  • Prepare and Lead L2S Camp
  • Serve as coordinator for all undergraduate Education Recruitment events (including on-campus recruitment opportunities and Teacher Pathway programs with local high schools) and Recruitment for Graduate programs
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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