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Vice President for Finance and Operations (CFO)
Title:Vice President for Finance and Operations (CFO)

The Vice President for Finance and Operations (CFO) manages, plans and oversees financial and physical plant resources to ensure the college’s capacity to fulfill its educational mission and vision and to maintain the overall financial health of the institution. The CFO advises the President on all matters pertaining to the management and operation of accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, budget management and control, budget preparation, financial information systems, credit management, collections, fiscal planning, financial statement preparation, contract negotiations and investing. As the Chief Financial Officer, the CFO exercises a major responsibility for the accounting and investing of the LaGrange College endowment and investments. The CFO helps to promote a customer-oriented service attitude and serves as the executive officer directly responsible for providing leadership and general management of the following financial service units:

  • Accounting and Budgeting: Preparation of the annual budget, budget control, accounts receivable and accounts payable processing, supervision of borrowings and other financial transactions that affect the general ledger, and preparation of the financial statements of the college. Cash management programs, investments, contract negotiations for major external contracts, coordination with independent auditors, and coordination of the collection of student loans and other accounts receivable items.
  • Endowments and Investments Accounting: Accounting and administrative control to maintain the college grants and contracts and accounting operations.
  • Construction: Serves as the institutional representative for all major construction projects, working with the team of architects, contractors, subcontractors, and physical plant operations through the completion of the project.
  • Contracts: Serves as the custodian of all institutional contracts and agreements signing all such documents on behalf of the president and the institution.
  • Business Office: Oversees all business operations office responsibilities, campus store, post office and printing services.
  • Facilities: Oversees facilities management for all buildings and grounds.
  • Procurement: Oversees departmental procurement cards, property control, central receiving and shipping, real estate acquisitions, risk management and property and casualty insurance programs.


  • Promotes the financial well-being of the college by providing budget management, monitoring investments, exercising executive control over college budgets, and safeguarding all financial assets of the college.
  • Advises the President and members of the Board of Trustees on issues relating to the financial status of the college by serving as a member of the President’s Cabinet and the Treasurer of the school. Reports financial information at Board of Trustees meetings, and prepares reports, recommendations, findings, and other correspondence as required. Interprets financial data and advises on institutional strategies and financial planning. Serves as an advisor to the buildings and grounds, finance, and investment committees of the Board of Trustees, working with each of the committee chairs to coordinate and facilitate their meetings.
  • Helps to ensure achievement of the goals and objectives of the college by preparation of an annual budget using budget modeling to project multiple future years’ revenues and expenditures. Balances operating revenues and operating expense budgets to attain long-term stability. Works to correct inefficiencies and prioritize the allocation of resources.
  • Ensures compliance with professional accounting standards, rules, regulations, and laws by directing, supervising, and facilitating the preparation and maintenance of required and appropriate financial records, monthly and annual financial reports, and all other financial reporting required by federal, state, local agencies, according to established accounting standards.
  • Serves as the lead on the college’s annual financial and A-133 audit processes, and is assisted by the Director of Business Services and Finance. Assures compliance in financial operations by facilitating the access of the independent auditors to requested records during the conduct of the college’s annual audit.
  • Ensures compliance with the institutional mission of the college by working with division and department directors to develop and review resources necessary to support division plans, goals, and objectives.
  • Ensures efficient and effective operation of the campus by overseeing facilities, services, risk management, insurance analysis and transactions. Oversees strategies to maximize resources to preserve the endowment’s purchase power. Maintains the physical facilities to avoid hidden costs of deferred maintenance.
  • Facilitates a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of diverse cultures or backgrounds.
  • Remains competent and current by reading professional journals and literature, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as appropriate.
  • Ensures that miscellaneous assignments related to the financial wellbeing of the college are completed in the best interests of the college by accepting and accomplishing other tasks assigned by the President.


  • Education: A Bachelor’s degree is required; a CPA or a Master's degree is preferred.
  • Experience: Extensive financial and budget management experience required; ideal candidate will have demonstrated excellent financial experience in higher education or other industry.
  • Attributes and Skills: Established reputation for integrity, honesty, discretion, leadership and strategic planning abilities. Ability to project a strong positive image of the college through interaction with all constituencies conducting business with the college. Executive problem-solving and leadership skills and the ability to organize and manage complex functions. Exceptional aptitude in financial activities management. Skilled in using financial management software and databases used for financial reporting. Solid written and verbal communication skills. Demonstrated success in working as part of a collaborative leadership team with persons from diverse backgrounds and in promoting a diverse workforce. A successful track record of innovation.


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